Halloween and other scary things

My week in a nutshell.
My week in a nutshell.

At the beginning of last week I wouldn’t have thought it possible that the week would end with so much commotion. While I pursued my usual activities – raising to a challenge (28 day plank challenge) and preparing for such (half-marathon in Austin in February 2016) – Friday was not only characterized by our office Halloween, but mostly by massive flooding and seven (as far as I’m informed) tornadoes that left a swath of destruction in and around Austin. The flood claimed at least 6 lives while the tornadoes left the usual scene of destruction (photos at the end of the report).

Carved Cheshire Cat Grin Pumpkin
Carved Cheshire Cat Grin Pumpkin

Fortunately, October closed on Saturday on a friendlier notion with dry and occasionally even sunny weather and a cozy evening with watching movies and carving and coloring pumpkins.

How did you celebrate Halloween?

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Cheshire Cat and Jack
Cheshire Cat and Jack

Zu Beginn der letzten Woche hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass das Ende so voll von Aufregungen sein würde. Während ich Anfang der Woche noch meinen üblichen Tätigkeiten nachging – mich Herausforderungen zu stellen (28 Tage Plank Challenge) und auf solche vorzubereiten (Halbmarathon in Austin in Februar 2016) – stand der Freitag nicht nur im Zeichen von Büro-Halloween, sondern auch von massiven Überflutungen und sieben (soweit ich weiss) Tornados die sich durch die Umgebung von Austin gefressen haben. Durch die Fluten sind mindestens sechs Menschen umgekommen, die Tornados haben das übliche Bild der Verwüstung hinterlassen (Fotos ganz am Ende des Berichtes).

Erfreulicher schloss der Oktober dann am Samstag ab mit wieder trockenem und zeitweilig gar sonnigem Wetter und einem gemütlichen Abend beim Filme gucken und Kürbis schnitzen, resp. bemalen.

Wie habt ihr Halloween verbracht?

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6 thoughts on “Halloween and other scary things”

  1. I love your pumpkin, especially the pointy one. I’ve never seen one like that. I was reading your story and instead of tornadoes I read tomatoes … it made it very interesting ;). I spent my Halloween day in training for the most part:(

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    1. Hahaaaa, tomatoes!!! That would truly make for a fun story 😀
      What do you mean by “in training”? I did some training too but it was a delight: Ran almost 5 miles on Saturday and 10 miles yesterday. Was beautiful!!


      1. Wow! Running for 10 miles sounds wonderful… I can and have walked 13 miles recently and walk about 3 to 4 miles daily… more on weekend days. I am not a big runner though.
        By training I meant “mental training”. I went to a seminar that teaches energy psychology and how to treat psychological issues with energetic means and interventions. I found it fascinating 🙂

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      2. That does sound very fascinating!! Mental training – that’s never wrong!! That’s why I love my yoga class on Monday evenings so much – it’s one of the few full hours where my mind hardly ever drifts but is fully focused on the present. So simple yet so powerful.


  2. We had flooding in Portland, too, but it was due to torrential rain! I took the dog out for a walk/run in it and my shoes are still not dry, 4 days later. The sad part? We had very few trick-or-treaters because of the weather. (More candy left for us, though! Not sure if that is good or bad…)


    1. Same here: buckets of candy left and stacked in the freezer so it will last (until next year… I doubt it ;-)).
      Looking at the weather map you must be in a pretty cold zone right now or over the next couple of days. I believe we are in for more rain again later this week as well.


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