Though some things may be broken, don’t fret – I’m as well as can be!! I’m a runner and as long as I can run no evil shall bring me down. Or at least so I would hope…

Today was my running day and looking at the crazy busy work schedule this week I wasn’t sure I could carve out sufficient time and muster up enough energy to complete a satisfying run.

But then my schedule cleared up and I stormed out. While I still felt a little lazy in my bones that didn’t seem to bother my legs and the ran off. It was one of the few occurrences when I actually had to slow myself down consciously at the beginning of the run.

And after about 2k I felt so great I sneaked in a little interval training, a thing I usually despise. It was glorious and I totally smashed those intervals.

Nike Coach Bennett was right – I’m a badass!

2 thoughts on “Energized”

  1. Your running is my biking! I am loving the ability to get out and bike freely. What were the lockdowns like in Switzerland? Germany has been free to still complete sports this entire time, but I know not all surrounding countries have been so lucky.

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    1. Indeed! Just lacing up your shoes 👟 or hopping on the bicycle 🚲 and off you go is the greatest! I do bicycle at least 50k every Sunday to meet up with my family as long as the weather is dry and warm enough. The lockdown regulations in Switzerland allowed us to be outside for sports as well as long as you were by yourself or at least in groups smaller than 5 with the proper distance kept. So from that perspective it was the perfect time for a marathon training.

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