Who is Sam?

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I’m Sam… at Starbucks, that is. You know how they ask you for your name at Starbucks in order to be able to yell it across the whole store once your order is ready? Well, I got tired of saying that my name is none of their business so I started telling Starbucks that my name was Sam. And it stuck. Ever since I’ve been Sam at Starbucks. And for some of my friends.

My actual name is Luzia, which is pronounced like Luisa with a slight misspelling. I am an Executive Assistant and (Swiss) Certified Paralegal, used to be cat mom (to Oscar and Merlin of whom you will certainly read more whilest surfing through these pages) and am hoping to be one soon again. I was born and raised in Luzern, Switzerland, living/working/studying in and around Zug for almost 15 years.

Love lured me overseas for 3 years and it was an awesome, challenging, wild, scary, unique and very educational time I spent in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

The reasons I decided to start a blog seem obvious: I wanted to share my experiences on the new continent with the family and friends I left overseas. Obviously, after a while the whole “newness” eventually wore off, so I had to decide whether I will be able to maintain this blog for a little longer. And I believe I have found quite a few topics that might be worth sharing such as running, drawing, painting, reading, traveling, meeting friends or just being out and about.

Thank you all for your interest, it is an honor to have so many friends who actually read this stuff!
If you have questions or some input, please leave a comment or contact me by email (samstarbucks[at]gmx.com), it is very much appreciated. This site is all about communication, after all!
My humblest regards,
Luzia, aka samstarbucks
web: http://www.samstarbucks.com
twitter: @sam_starbucks
instagram: sam.starbucks
fb: sam.starbucks

>> Would you care fore some random picks? (not conclusive 😉 )

I take a liking to: Grunge and punk / books / having found the love of my life… several times / reading / cats / studying people / Pearl Jam / marveling at all my dear friends out there / FCL / socks / Night on Earth / Heini’s Quiche Lorraine / American cotton / scarfs and sashes
Notorious: Tag remover / sports freak /  typo finder / dish and cutlery re-orderer…
In case you’re wondering why my blogs are written in both German and English: It’s to ensure that my parents, too, understand what I’m babbling about 😉


Ich bin Sam… zumindest wenn ich bei Starbucks bin. Ihr kennt das, kaum bei Starbucks bestellt, schon fragen die einen nach dem Namen, nur um ihn lautstark durch den ganzen Laden zu plärren, wenn die Bestellung parat ist. Ich wurde es müde zu sagen, dass sie mein Name nichts angeht, also habe ich mich stattdessen entschieden, mich bei Starbucks „Sam“ zu nennen. Und irgendwie ist das hängengeblieben. Seither bin ich bei Starbucks einfach nur Sam. Und für einige meiner Freunde.

Mein richtiger Name ist Luzia, was viele Englisch sprechende Personen wie Luisa, einfach mit einem kleinen Tippfehler, betonen. Ich bin Direktionsassistentin mit schweizerischem Paralegal Zertifikat und ich war eine Katzenmami (von Oskar und Merlin, über die ihr noch so einiges lesen werdet auf meinen Blogseiten) und hoffe, bald wieder eine zu sein. Ich bin in Luzern, in der Schweiz, geboren und aufgewachsen und habe während fast 15 Jahren in und um Zug gelebt/gearbeitet/studiert.

Die Liebe lockte mich für 3 Jahre über den grossen Teich und es war eine fantastische, herausfordernde, wilde, furchterregende, einzigartige und sehr lehrreiche Zeit die ich in San Antonio und Austin, Texas, verbracht habe.

Die Gründe einen Blog zu starten, scheinen offensichtlich: Ich wollte meine Erfahrungen auf dem neuen Kontinent mit Familie und Freunden, die ich in der “alten Welt” zurückgelassen habe, teilen. Natürlich liess die „Neuheit“ irgendwann nach und so musste ich mir überlegen, ob ich den Blog trotzdem weiterführen kann. Und ich glaube, ich habe einige Themen gefunden, die zu teilen sich lohnen wie Laufen, Zeichnen, Malen, Lesen, Reisen, Freunde treffen oder ganz einfach draussen unterwegs sein.

Danke euch allen für euer Interesse, es ist eine Ehre so viele Freunde zu haben, die meine Zeilen tatsächlich lesen!
Falls ihr Fragen oder Input für mich habt, hinterlasst einen Kommentar oder kontaktiert mich per Email (samstarbucks[at]gmx.com), es würde mich sehr freuen. Auf diesen Seiten geht es schliesslich um Kommunikation!
Meine bescheidensten Grüsse
Luzia, alias samstarbucks
web: http://www.samstarbucks.com
twitter: @sam_starbucks
instagram: sam.starbucks
fb: sam.starbucks

>> Interessiert an einer zufälligen Auswahl von Fakten? (nicht abschliessend 😉 )

Ich mag: Grunge und Punk / Bücher / dass ich die Liebe meines Lebens gleich mehrmals gefunden habe / Lesen / Katzen / menschliches Verhalten beobachten / Pearl Jam / über all meine guten Freunde da draussen staunen / FCL / Socken / Night on Earth / Heini’s Quiche Lorraine / Amerikanische Baumwolle / Halstücher und Schals

Ich tue notorisch: Etiketts entfernen /  Aufgaben ganz abschliessen / Sport machen oder schauen / Tippfehler finden / frisch gewaschenes Geschirr und Besteck zuunterst einräumen


Falls ihr euch fragt, warum mein Blog in English und Deutsch gehalten ist: Das ist um sicherzustellen, dass auch meine Eltern verstehen, worüber ich quassle 😉

14 thoughts on “Who is Sam?”

    1. Well, you’re very welcome. It’s always nice to have some inspiring blogs to follow – and you’re certainly an inspiration. Thank you for your like! Luzi


      1. My pleasure, your bio is really interesting. That’s very kind of you, I appreciate that so much. I like to write about diverse topics, and try to get my readers involved! I’ll look forward to reading your blog too, do you do some posts in English? Bex


      2. You’re doing a real nice job in getting the audience involved. I should do that more often, too.
        And yes, the last 15 or so blogs are “bi-lingual” so to say in both German and English. Enjoy!


    1. Hey Laia, it’s my pleasure! Your blog is most interesting, for 14 years ago I went on a trip around the world in roughly 7 months myself – for monetary reasons opting for the world-around ticket. I’m excited to see other people travelling the world, delving into other cultures and at the same time cherishing the own roots. We’re so lucky to have the freedom and possibility to see other places. Enjoy!
      Concerning the writing in two languages: You’re right, it can at times take quite some time but as with most things you get more fluent with practice. And since I plan on obtaining a translators certificate, practice certainly helps 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Welcome to the U.S. Some time during your studies in Switzerland, you must have had an exceptional English teacher because your grasp of our written language is fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your compliment. Quite frankly, I suspect it has more to do with all the English reading I did from my early twenties. It taught me a lot about grammar and sentence structure that I would never have learned in any school (I’m more of the “on the job” learner ;-)).


    1. Hi Laia!
      This is so exciting and such a huge honor!! I just read your blog post and was so surprised reading my (stage) name in the new nominees list that I jumped off my chair!
      Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how honored I am!!
      I gladly accept and hope I can write my part this weekend – I will gladly send you the link to my answers 🙂
      Continue to enjoy your travel!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Luzia, I have been meaning to comment and tell you how much I like your version of the blog header! Isn’t it fun to have a place to put up photos that are meaningful to you? Best of all, you can change them whenever you like! It keeps me from wanting to change to a new theme, because I really like Twenty Fourteen, but I thrive on change. 🙂


    1. I know!! Isn’t that funny??!? BTW: A couple of weeks (actually, more like months…) ago I nominated you for the “Liebster Award”. Not sure you ever saw my comment. It was during the time when you we’re away from your blog for a while.
      You can find my comment of 06/29 under your blog “Sorry, I Didn’t Hear You” dated 05/23. Here’s the link to my award blog post announcing yours as one of my nominees 🙂 http://evozeta.com/2015/06/29/liebster-award/
      You don’t have to do anything, just thought you might enjoy the nomination – I know I did!

      Liked by 1 person

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