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Run Through the Woods

A happy run is an important ingredient of every good, restoring vacation. Be it in a new city, by the beach or in the woods as was the case here.

I was going for an easy 5-6k but ended up doing 9k owing to a missed fork in the path which send me on a 2.5k extra loop.

Apart from the fact that dawn was drawing in which makes every single forest a somewhat mystic and even slightly creepy place to be I didn’t mind in the least as the running was going smooth and easy and I had a general feeling of peacefulness and content.

Pure outdoors bliss!

Creative Bout

When time and creative passion hit, things start happening.

I love to do 1 minute doodles – I start off doodling for 1 minute and then have to finish from there. It is quite remarkable how basic you can start off and still get a decent result with an little detail work like shadowing and extra inking.

The reason I like these explosive exercises is that it takes the pressure away to satisfy my perfectionism.

As a matter of fact I know that I will never be able to draw as perfectly as I would wish to so perfectionism only stifles my creativity and I absolutely need to overcome it in order to enjoy the process of creation.

The 1 minute method is how I learn to let go and improve by only focusing on the big picture for one minute. This also improves my ability to quickly sketch on the go instead of mindlessly snapping photos.

Sunday Fun Day

Sundays from spring to fall are reserved for bicycling. It’s been a tradition between my mum and my aunt for the longest time that they circle a lake nearby together, then sit on a bench and have coffee and sometimes prosecco they brought along. At some point I joined them without circling the lake as I usually lived further away and had enough to work from home to the lake and back. In exchange, the coffee and prosecco break was extended to a full blown breakfast.

When to begin with only my dad and my uncle joined us for for the coffee part after a while the visitors – mostly family – that joined us for a coffee by the lakeside grew and changed: sometimes my cousin with her four kids would join, now it’s still my dad and uncle but also my brother with his twins. In the meantime they often accompany my mum on their bikes which offers a nice change to the hours spent gaming.

I immensely enjoy those family Sundays and the cross training it offers me. I hope there are many more to come!!


So Saturday night I bit off my freshly polished nails. Still, Sunday came and with it a glorious day with many friends and family cheering my dear runner buddy and I on and an unforgettable, long-suffering (17km of stomach pain and cramps…) 42.195km later I was accomplished: I am unofficially but beknownst to my closest people a marathoner.

I’m terribly tired from the lack of sleep the night before the race and of course from the exertion, but also proud, exhilarated, thankful, certainly stronger and – accomplished.

A big shout-out to all dear ones who have supported us by cheering and providing us with sustenance. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you!!

Retirement and Promotion

On my 35k run last weekend I run one of my older running shoes into the ground (I felt like the ball of my foot and my big toe were running naked on the pavement) so it was time for some new ones. With the shops closed I had to fall back on my trusty brand that always works so I could order them online.

Now it’s one retired pair and two newly promoted pairs of running shoes in the app.

Thank you to my trusty retired shoes for their fantastic duty, you served me well and offered me many an inspiring hour outside under the blue, gray, wet, hot, cold… skies.


Today we went to the senior citizens’ theater. My auntie and uncle are still actively supporting the performances (my aunt with makeup, my uncle staffing the bar) while my mom stopped working with them (she was the master makeup artist before she left :-)) because of the commute that was getting too tedious for all the rehearsals and two weeks of performances.

The play was a hoot as usual and the actors put all their passion into their play. What an inspiring performance.

Art on the Net

This week I’m not so much presenting my very own artistic abilities, but would like to share a bit of my favorite art that I find on the net. It is amazing to me how creative people can get in the most unusual situations and sometimes with the most unlikely objects.
Diese Woche präsentiere ich nicht so sehr meine eigenen künstlerischen Fähigkeiten, sondern teile einige meiner liebsten Kunstprojekte, auf die ich jeweils im Internet stosse. Ich finde es atemberaubend, wie kreativ gewisse Leute in den ungewöhnlichsten Situationen und mit den unglaublichsten Materialien werden.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
Hoffentlich geniesst ihr’s genauso sehr wie ich!

This is my absolute favorite as it not only includes art but also a cat. Can it get any better??!?
Das ist mein absolutes Lieblingsprojekt, da es nicht nur Kunst, sondern auch eine Katze beinhaltet. Kann es noch besser werden??!?

Cat turned Doodle

Cat Skating

If that was a (paid) thing I’d start tomorrow – I mean, as long as it at least paid for my travel 🙂
Wenn das eine (bezahlte) Arbeit wäre, würde ich gleich morgen anfangen – ich meine, solange es nur schon meine Reisekosten decken würde 🙂

Andres Amador, Beach Artist

One of Andres Amador Amazing Beach Art Pieces.

Okay, this must be the best one ever – including art, cats and… coffee!!
OK, das muss wirklich das beste Projekt je sein – beinhaltet es doch Kunst, Katzen und… Kaffee!!

Coffee and Cats – Sometimes Make Art

Latte Cat
My Kinda Cat: Latte Cat

Well… since we’re talking about cats – I have two more for you:
Nun… wo wir schon von Katzen reden – ich habe noch zwei weitere für euch:

Cat-tail your Mobile Device

Wagging tail cat for mobile devices

Mario Cat World


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