Over the last weeks something was broken. I didn’t seem to process feelings the way I used to. And I’m still not quite back to normal. Some emotions are more intense, others I can’t seem to find anymore. Is the corona virus causing this malfunction? I may have to consider shutting me down for a weekend. If that does not work I will most certainly be forced to run an overnight re-boot.

Maybe all works for naught as I’m not a machine. I’m human after all.

4 thoughts on “Broken”

    1. Thank you friend 🙏 I keep telling myself that. And while I’m very happy spending time by myself and don’t really feel isolated, there’s something murky influencing the perception of things. I guess it’s the process of adapting to a new reality. No wonder we’re confused in all kinds of ways.


      1. I agree, this has been my biggest struggle. I thrive in solidarity, but somehow right now I feel alone and I don’t like it. Despite the fact I have roommates, I see people in town, etc…it’s the lack of deeper connections that are lacking right now. Making the uncertainty harder to process!


      2. Totally hear ya! Especially considering that you’re removed from your family. I remember difficult times while living in the US were definitely made harder by the fact that my family was not close by to support and guide me through some rough patches. The inability to sneak in regular hugs doesn’t help either…

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