Shopping Frenzy

As we lazed through Tuesday it was our fate to go grocery shopping on Wednesday, 23rd. The master suggested we add some more Christmas spirit to the house so we combined grocery with Christmas lights and ornaments shopping.

When we checked out at the utilities shop we imagined the clerk wiping away a tear or two because we sure made his Christmas business that day… possibly even that week or the whole month 😀

Our bags and cartons contained a lighted reindeer, penguin, VW beetle, four tiny LED figurines in the shape of a bird, snow flake, Christmas tree and reindeer head, three light strings and a Christmas tree complete with lights and baubles.

After a refreshment and some nourishment we tackled grocery shopping for the coming week. Shopping for a week’s worth of supplies can take a while and thus started to feel quite taxing… especially the teenager nerves got strained severely which the grownups absolutely showed understanding for and thus rushed through the last sections of supply racks. We were especially efficient when choosing the Christmas ham, we later learned… :-p

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