Drawing of the Day – 5/22/2014

Mosquito busy sucking the living sh*** out of a poor soul...
Mosquito busy sucking the living sh*** out of a poor soul…

It all began with me wanting to go for a bicycle ride today. But when I stepped outside, a huge black cloud was towering over the area and I felt a raindrop splash on my arm. So I decided to sit in a rocking chair at the community center instead. Not even a minute passed before the mosquitoes attacked… which inspired me to start a doodle showing a gigantic mosquito that sucks the last droplet of blood out of a poor soul (aka: me).

Once my dear husband saw the doodle in progress he suggested: “Hey, why don’t you draw it in such a way that the mosquito sucks all the dark daemon-y stuff out of you which then gets replaced by all that inspiration you’re filled with lately?” Neat idea, indeed. So off I went and that’s what come from all the sketching and coloring.

I’m sorry about the quality of the photo, I took it quickly with my iPhone. At some point I will scan my drawings and crop them properly. Hope you can enjoy it anyway.

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