Little note for a very special friend

You are the one who never gets to be called by her real name. You are the one who made me not care so much anymore. Who taught me not to agonize about every tiny detail when there’s so much more worthy in the world. You are the one who made me stop blushing for no reason, who had me completely lose any feeling of embarrassment. You are the person who made me discover my passion and love for cats. You taught me to fully understand (and sometimes appreciate) cyinicism. You opened up the world of Praxis, Material, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and many more to me. You share my passion for art (painting) and literature (reading). Several times you made me almost wet my pants because you made me laugh so hard. You were the one to tell me to stand up for myself and taught me that even if you fight it doesn’t mean the person you’re arguing with doesn’t love you anymore. You are the one who told me about the dark places in life. But showed me how to create bright ones. And you remind me of Christmas fairs (Ä Tännsche? Wie jetzt, ist doch kein Weihnachtsmarkt hier!) 😀

bouquet-of-flowers-262866_150birthday-50808_150This one’s for you, Sendra, Snadra, Sendwicz 😉

Happy Birthday!!


5 thoughts on “Little note for a very special friend”

    1. Thank you.
      She is a very special friend who changed my life in many ways. The idea for this note was a very spontaneous one which usually turn out to be the best.


    1. Thank you so much, means a lot! It was a spontaneous idea that hit me. I do believe that when you share deep feelings, others are more likely to open up too.


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