On the (Air) Road

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es esch drü ortsziit ond ech foh grad s drette mol die nochrecht aa…

ech be dör alli kontrolle ond frogerondine döre ond jetzt offiziell US resident (nederglasseni… oder ei buechstabe wo zom presidänt fählt 😀 ). jupiii !

es esch alles beschtens glaufe, vom chatze abgäh (sorry brüetsch, hoffe s auto stenkt nömme z arg 😀 ), iichecke, dör alli kontrolle etc. au d chatze hends zmendescht guet ofe flog gschafft. woni z zöri i flüger iigstege be ond d stewardess noch de busels gfrogt ha, hed grad de co-pilot ome egge gluegt ond gseid er heig etz grad gseh wie’s iiglade worde seged, “merlin and oscar, right? a grey and a red and white tiger?” joooo, genau !!! “no worries ma’am, they’re meowing away happily” 🙂
etz ändlech hani chli ziit (well mer e stond schneller gseh send !!) ond cha mer es bier gönne. schön !!! ech be zwar emmer nochli müed, aber glöcklech 🙂
bes morn oder so be de wiitere brechterstattig, alles liebi, luzi :-O

It is 3 o’clock local time and I’m starting over this message for the third time…

I’ve gone through all the checks and questionings and am as of now an official US resident (only one letter missing to the President 😀 ). yayyy !

Everything went excellently, starting from handing over the cats (sorry bro, I hope your car will stop stinking at some point 😀 ), check-in, through all the checks etc. The cats caught the flight nicely and in time for when I entered the plane in Zurich and asked the stewardess about the kitties, the co-pilot glanced around the corner and told me he just witnessed them being boarded… “Merlin and Oscar, right? A grey and a red and white tiger?” Yep, that’s them!!! “ No worries, ma’am, they’re meowing away happily.” 🙂
Now finally I’m able to treat myself to a beer (because used an hour less than expected!!). Nice!!! Though I’m still a bit tired, I am happy 🙂
See you tomorrow or so, when I update you again. Warm regards, Luzi :-O


My last week’s checklist


Get flu- check
Clean the apartment – check
Baby sit twins – check
Take a pic of that beautiful sunrise – check
Dispose last batch of stuff – check
Clean car (outside) – check
Enjoy sun & view on balcony- check
Clean car (inside) – to be done
Bye bye brunch @ Sendra’s – to be done
Grippe bekommen – erledigt
Wohnung putzen – erledigt
Zwillinge babysitten – erledigt
Wundervollen Sonnenaufgang knippsen – erledigt
Letzte Portion Kram entsorgen – erledigt
Sonne und Aussicht auf dem Balkon geniessen – erledigt
Auto putzen (innen) – noch offen
Bye bye Brunch @Sendra’s – noch offen


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